Date: 3/23/21 11:48 am
From: Bradley Hacker <bradley.r.hacker...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Painted Cave migrants
This AM I did a migration watch from the Painted Cave Road at 2400-2800'
elevation. From this location one can see the migration path above and
below the road well. There are also spaced shrubs and relatively short
oaks in which ~10-20% of the migrants stop within view. Parking is quite
    I estimate that I was able to identify ~50% of the moving
passerines I could see. The numbers of the main two migrants were thus
~500 Orange-Crowned and 600 Yellow-Rumped Warblers. Perhaps 60% of the
migrants passed in the first hour, 30% in the 2nd hour, and 10% in the
last half hour.          Weather: 50-55F. Clear. Wind at the 2800' high
crest above the watch point was ~20-30 kph from the north. At the watch
point, there was a 10 kph up-slope breeze from the south.
   Where first seen, the birds are traveling up canyon at an azimuth of
~320° (~NW); near the watch point, the canyon changes to a trend of 010°
(~N), and the birds leave the canyon and proceed at ~320° up the western
slope of the canyon toward the southern limit of the hamlet of Painted
Cave (and also, coincidentally(?) toward Figueroa Mtn).
    List here <>.
    I did two migration watches here in April last year and observed
good migrant streams then as well.
Bradley Hacker
Goleta CA 93117 USA
bird photos <>
eBird <>

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