Date: 3/23/21 10:49 am
From: Range Bayer <range.bayer...>
Subject: [obol] Large Numbers of Harlequin Ducks West Of Yaquina Bay Bridge. Many Gulls at Herring Spawn Site

On the afternoon of March 22, Walt Nelson & Rebecca Cheek counted at least
34 harlequin ducks along the rocks of the first finger jetty west of the
Yaquina Bay Bridge. They also went over to the rock shelf on the north
side west of the bridge and saw a huge gull flock where there had been a
herring spawn. They counted 40 brant in the middle of the gulls, and a
dozen mallards in a group as well. Brant often show in that area this time
of year, which is during their spring migration and feed on herring eggs.
Mallards are opportunistic and in recent years have been feeding in the
surf and swash zone at the mouth of Beaver Creek and the nearby beach.
Mallards could be there feeding on herring eggs, too.

The highest eBird count for Harlequins at the Yaquina Jetties this March
that I found is 39 on March 19 by Ardis Letey ( To see eBird March-May 2021
Lincoln County Harlequin records and to zoom the map for observations, go

The eBird high count of Harlequins in Lincoln County for all years is 41 at
the Yaquina South Jetty is 41 by Steve & Rachel Holzman on March 2, 2018 ( as noted at

My report of birds at Yaquina Bay herring spawns in 1979 is at
Note some water birds can be coincidentally there but not feeding on
herring eggs.

Today is a good day to go see birds,

Range Bayer, Newport, Oregon.

The eBird Lincoln County page is at For
Lincoln County, it includes an Overview that includes Last Seen, First
Seen, High Counts, Bar Charts of occurrence for each species, and a
Printable Checklist for each species reported to in Lincoln
County. The page also includes tabs for birds and an Illustrated Checklist
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