Date: 3/22/21 11:22 am
From: 'The Nunn Guy' via Colorado Birds <cobirds...>
Subject: [cobirds] Varied Thrush Continues and Other/Weld

Hi all

Over the weekend ...happy to report the Varied Thrush
first 3 photos) in Nunn persists even after our massive blizzard conditions
up here.

Massive gull flock (up close) on south side of Hwy 14
first 20 or so photos) across from Weld Landfill in flooded fields from
snow melting. Have not looked closely at photos yet. Saw Lesser
Black-backed (ad.), Herring, California, and Ring-billed Gull for sure.

Latham Reservoir marsh and Beebe Draw
first 15 or so photos) have lots of flooded fields. Ducks and gulls only so

Weld CR 59 marsh
first five or so photos) and Loloff Reservoir full of ducks, some geese.

Stewart's Pond and CR 41 ponds are open for business and the small pond on
south is slowly refilling with water-still a nice mud flat though.

Greater Yellowlegs and American White Pelican at Weld CR 41 ponds. I could
hear tons of geese cackling on Behrens Reservoir.

This morning on way into Fort Collins along Weld CR 100 btw Nunn and
Wellington had Merlin, Golden Eagle, American Kestrel, Red-tailed Hawk and
Ferruginous Hawk.

Various regular visiting birds
first 13 photos) of late in Nunn yard.

Thanks Gary Lefko, Nunn

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