Date: 3/20/21 8:52 pm
From: Wayne Kuhn <waylin98...>
Subject: [wisb] Buena Vista on Saturday
Every year I have a booth at the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners
(WACO) convention in Stevens Point. Last year it was the last show I did
before everything closed down. This year it is the first show I have been to
since then and hopefully a sign of good things to come.

I stay at a motel Friday night and since the show doesn't start until 9:00
am on Saturday I take a short trip to Buena Vista to look for rare birds. I
hadn't gotten the Greater Prairie Chickens for three years but today was my
lucky day. While traveling down Mill Road I saw several take flight and fly
to the back of the agricultural field they were in. I counted nine and I had
some good distant looks while they were on the ground.

That was enough to make the trip a success by itself but as I traveled down
Swamp Road I saw a Meadowlark fly over it. I got out of the car and right
away heard it singing from a fence post - it was a Western Meadowlark! And
just 5 posts down from him was a shrike. I could not tell if it was a
Northern or Loggerhead but he and the Meadowlark tangled once in mid-flight
and settled back on the fence posts. I also saw/heard another Western
Meadowlark - no Eastern Meadowlarks to be found, which makes finding the
Western easier.

My show ended at 4:30 pm and I headed back to Green Bay via Highway 54. I
stopped at Van Patton Road for ducks and geese but there weren't many. I did
get a FOY Norther Harrier though.

Wayne Kuhn

Green Bay

Brown County

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