Date: 3/20/21 11:31 am
From: Frank Vanslager via <Vanslagerf...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Eastern Phoebe Continues at Guadalupe River on 3/20/2021

When I went to get in my car on this first day of spring, I saw a (rare to me) dawn rainbow.  See the first photo.  So to drive to the east side of the Guadalupe River I got off 237 at First Street, drove south for 1.5 miles to River Oaks, and turned right to go to the parking at the end.

At a hundred or two yards walking south on the trail, I saw what I wanted:  A Birder/Photographer concentrating on something.  The second photo probably shows the best overall scene.  The Eastern Phoebe is above center and to the left, above the log.

Later I went to Lick Mill Park where I took the third photo showing 2 Cooper's Hawks.  One of them earlier had been carrying nesting materials to a nearby dense tree.  At the time of the photo the bird on the right was continuing to make quiet calls, which I could see better than I could hear.

Frank Vanslager

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