Date: 3/19/21 5:54 pm
From: Janice Levasheff via <jlevasheff...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Breeding Bird Study -- Year 6. And, What Have We Learned?
Dear all,
We wanted to remind you about Santa Barbara Audubon's program on March 24 at 7:30pm.  It will be presented via Zoom by Mark Holmgren and Adrian O'Loghlen:
The Breeding Bird Study of Santa Barbara County - Five Years On, What Have We Learned?  See the announcement and Zoom log-in information at
Additional details are in Mark's March 1 email below.

We hope to "see" you there!
Good birding,
Janice Levasheff and Mo McFadden,Santa Barbara Audubon Society

On Monday, March 1, 2021, 02:00:43 PM PST, Mark Holmgren <maholmgren33...> wrote:

Our two smallest species and two of our largest birds are the first reported breeding birds in Santa Barbara County.  Several Allen’s and Anna’s Hummingbirds are building their nests or incubating eggs.  Some Great Horned Owls and Great Blue Herons are on their nests.  A Bald Eagle is probably on eggs also.  A few reports are of Red-tailed and Red-shouldered Hawks preparing to breed.  So, we are into Year 6 of the Santa Barbara Breeding Bird Study.  We welcome submissions of your observations at the link below.  


We have a new public access site where you can view and query the nearly 9400 records currently in the database.  It is called the BBS Web Map.  Think of a question and give it a try!  Links to a brief tutorial on how to use it are below.


This year we encourage you to give us additional records from poorly covered areas in the county.  Those areas with fewer records will jump out at you once you look at the Web Map.  If you know landowners in these areas from whom we could request access, please put us in contact with them.   Consider visiting an area regularly through the season.  Start in March if it’s a coastal area, start in April if its an inland area, start in May if its high elevation.

We will be giving a Zoom presentation about the BBS to the Santa Barbara Audubon Society at 7:30pm on March 24, 2021 titled The Breeding Bird Study of Santa Barbara County - Five Years On, What Have We Learned?  See the announcement at  

The Breeding Bird Study is a joint effort of Santa Barbara Audubon Society and UC Santa Barbara’s Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER).  


All the links below to the BBS are found at the SB Audubon web site.  Here are the direct links.


Have your photo (not required) ready, establish coordinates for the breeding event, and submit your observation here:


View a tutorial on using the Web Map:


Advice on finding coordinates:


Thanks to Ryan Clark at the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration for all his work on the Web Map Application.  And thanks to Marissa DeVille (UCSB undergrad), and David Levasheff (SB Audubon). 


Mark and Adrian

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