Date: 3/19/21 4:39 pm
From: catherine paris <cparis12010...>
Subject: FOY field sparrows, phoebe and tick warning and bite protection
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I just gave gave some of you tickaphobia.
A condition that's transmissable over the phone or internet.

Symptoms include itchiness, rapid disrobing, crotch and armpit scratching
in public, battling inflexibility in a mirror, upgrading wattage, upgrading
magnifiers, rememorizing native body spots and a general feeling of
paranoia when anything brushes a hair folicule.

I came down with a devastating tick disease in 1987. Ironically, the Yale
research that had "solved" the puzzle of Lyme disease was incomplete,
incorrect and to date the testing is not definitive. The COVid19 virus is
an excellent example of how difficult it is to understand disease in
humans. Please do not ignore a tick bite and don't expect a rash or a
negative blood test to release you from worry. Pursue an infectious disease
specialist. For the last 30 yrs., throw the book at spirochetes from ticks
by nothing less than 30 days of doxycycline. It is the only way!

Feel free to contact me about this. Many of my birding and scientist
friends have been through this.

My neurologist and I just had a conversation about Covid exposing our
weaknesses in medicine. His statement was that doctors always knew they
were only human. Its the rest of us that expect miracles.

Spray your footware and definitely buy the SOCKS that are impregnated with
bug off. Change clothing promptly after birding.

About those chiggers Bob, (70 degree soil temps) Chiggers love reptiles so
imagine a paved walkway at night and the number of crossings. Since I'm
fresh meat for chigger bites and a histamine waiting to happen, I've found
that only tiger balm can keep the bite quelled. And keep your shorts long
and tight. You'll be glad they stopped climbing. I use painters tape. Adds
an artistic flair.

Be safe and be smart and if you need to look down your shirt or shorts,
have at it! Been there, done that.

Catherine Paris
OZARK county

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