Date: 3/19/21 3:34 pm
From: Susan Schaezler <susan...>
Subject: [texbirds] 3-19-21 Golden-cheeked Warbler @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
3-19-21 Golden-cheeked Warbler @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary had a fun day today and with 3 ebirders and we managed 49 species with 6 warbler species and good numbers and 10 species of sparrows. Paul Bogumil had the prize with Golden-cheeked Warbler in the area that they and the Black-capped Vireo like to show up when we are lucky enough to see them. I’m including a link to Paul’s EBird list and beautiful pictures. Thanks Paul for the excitement for the day! You can go to the checklist for the pictures.

We had two big flurries of warblers today—Don and I were getting ready to go to the dr when we had a flurry of mixed species of warblers and Golden-crowned Kinglet, which was sad, since we had to leave! I went out in the back in the afternoon and had 40 min with no birds, but could hear the Hutton’s Vireo calling in the perimeter. Finally I had 15 min of intense flurry of mixed species of warblers, vireos, which was most fun!

Hope you go to the checklist to see the beautiful Golden-cheeked Warbler! Paul had a great day—thank you Paul!

Parking was almost full several times today, so make sure you get your requests to visit in early—, plus I have to respond to it, so catch me while I’m around. Tomorrow will be beautiful conditions for birding.

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