Date: 3/19/21 12:17 pm
From: Joshua Uffman <birdsandbugs...>
Subject: Probable Mottled Duck - Dunklin County - 17 March 2021
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Missouri Birders:  Colin Dobson found what appears to be a probable Mottled Duck in Dunklin County rice fields on 17 March.  Here is the exact location 
36°00'29.0"N 90°00'18.2"W

Also, here is the link to his eBird checklist. Although initially labeled as an Am. Black Duck; note the paler brown body (compared to Am. Black Duck), more yellow-olive bill (vs. dark olive of a Black Duck) with a black gape spot.  If anyone else relocates this bird, additional photographs would be appreciated to ensure any Mallard genes are ruled out as this species is a casual/summer transient/visitor in Missouri (less than 15 accepted records for state).

eBird Checklist - 17 Mar 2021 - South Dunklin Rice Fields (CR 730) - 31 species (+1 other taxa)

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eBird Checklist - 17 Mar 2021 - South Dunklin Rice Fields (CR 730) - 31 ...

Submitted by Colin Dobson.



Good Birding,Joshua UffmanSt. Louis County, MO

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