Date: 3/18/21 4:27 pm
From: Jane Frazier <00000046582e7231-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Mississippi Birds (no MO Sighting) and Lighter Vein
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Birded Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at the Sardis Lake Dam area in north Mississippi and at the 2000 acre Strawberry Plains Audubon Center in Holly Springs an hour away. Sardis Lake is a large reservoir (10 miles or more long?) managed by the Army Corps of Engineers and has some nice public use areas and adjoins John Kyle State Park.  While I could not make an ID on the one warbler-ish bird I saw there were some interesting continuing birds from other reports in the dam area: 50 plus White Pelicans, 30 plus Bonaparte's Gulls, and a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL (larger than nearby ring bills and wings black). Tall pines in the area gave me no less than 4 Red Breasted Nuthatches still there. I dipped on the Brown Headed. A Purple Martin flew over and and Fish Crows were flying and going UNHH-UH. Spring Birds had mostly not made it yet to the Audubon Center but there was a Field Sparrow and a Phoebe there.While at the dam a furry hound came up to my car door and I was able to fulfill his request by throwing him numerous Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. On the following day I saw that a nice Asian family was also serving him lunch. There's also a big motor campground area there for those that may have a camper.
As to the lighter vein: I believe Betty Richey and I stared for a long time one day somewhere at a Canada decoy. And I have heard the story of how some clever birders In Macon, Georgia on a CBC that had a very rare snow fashioned a Snowy owl out of the snow and how their victim studied it a while with binoculars. 
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