Date: 3/18/21 4:21 pm
From: Eve Meier <eve.m.meier...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Belgatos Park and Los Capitancillos Ponds
Hi Everyone,

This morning I birded Belgatos Park and Los Capitancillos Ponds, both
locations being within 1 mile of my home. I did not see any spring
migrants at Belgatos but did see/hear *Wrentit*, *California
Thrasher*, *California
Quail*, *Downy Woodpecker*, *Purple Finch*, and *Oak Titmouse*. For Los
Capitancillos, I started at Singletree Way and birded the first two ponds.
There were lots of *Pine Siskins* and *American Goldfinches* calling from
the tops of the sycamores. I spotted more *Purple Finch* here too. But,
the highlight was a couple hundred swallows over the very first pond. Most
were *Violet-Green* and *Northern Rough-winged Swallows*, but there were at
least several *Tree* and *Barn Swallows* mixed in too. I like this location
for swallows because there's a dead tree in the middle of the first pond
which the swallows like to rest on. That makes identification easy. I have
a hard time tracking swallows when they are flying in circles over my
head! See my guide on Los Capitancillos
<> for more
details on the location.

ebird list for Belgatos:
ebird list of Los Capitancillos:

Happy Birding!
Eve Meier (San Jose)

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