Date: 3/18/21 10:26 am
From: Joe Morlan <jmorlan...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] ABA Adds 3 Species to the ABA Checklist
Mitred Parakeet is on the CBRC watch list of species being monitored for
possible future addition to the California State List. FWIW, here is the
information from the Watch List.

Mitred Parakeet Psittacara mitrata

A moderately large resident population occurs in coastal Los Angeles and
Orange Counties, with significant concentrations or winter roost sites in
or near the cities of Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, Pasadena,
Temple City, and Orange. Each of these roosts consists of 50-250 birds, for
a total population exceeding 1000 birds in the greater Los Angeles area.
The species has been present in the Los Angeles area since at least 1980,
and likely breeding by the late 1980s, with one confirmed breeding report
during the Los Angeles County Breed Bird Atlas effort (1995-1999). Smaller
numbers occur throughout the coastal slope of these two counties, though
some reports may pertain to misidentified Red-masked Parakeets (P.
erythrogenys), which can appear quite similar. A small flock, numbering
about 80 individuals, is resident in Sunnyvale in Santa Clara County, where
it has also nested successfully. The Mitred Parakeet is native to the
eastern slopes of the Andes from northern Peru to northern Argentina. The
only large introduced populations are in California and Florida, but
smaller populations (up to several dozen birds) occur in metropolitan areas
in New York, Spain, and outside their native range in Peru and Argentina.
Given the size of this long-established, breeding population, it has high
potential to be added to the state list.

If you have new information on population size or breeding success, please
send documentation to the CBRC Introduced Birds Subcommittee at


More information is at:

On Wed, 17 Mar 2021 12:49:58 -0700, "Brooke Miller via"
<idbirds...> wrote:

>Hi South Bay Birders!
>The ABA (American Birding Association) Checklist Committee recently added three species to the ABA Checklist. One of these species is the MITRED PARAKEET. My monthly cumulative reports of birds seen each month follows the ABA checklist, so therefore I will be moving the Mitred Parakeet to the checklist, from the ‘uncountable’
>For more information, or, if you submit your checklists to ABA’s Listing Central, there is more guidance for you here:
> <>
>Brooke Miller
Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA

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