Date: 3/12/21 3:03 pm
From: Thomas Wood <tcwood729...>
Subject: [wisb] White Geese in Sheboygan County this morning (3-12)
Yesterday, I saw an eBird report from Steve M. which included large numbers of Snow and Ross’s Geese. He saw them just south of CTH MM along Rangeline Road (northwest of Sheboygan). I hoped they might remain overnight, and when I arrived this morning, I was not disappointed.
I saw 80 Snow Geese (fairly close count- mixture of white and blue morphs) and 14(!) Ross’s Geese. I surmised that among some of the sleeping white morph birds, I may have counted even more Ross’s Geese as Snow Geese but due to the difficulty of identification without seeing the head, I have no way of knowing.
Since these birds were quite close to the road, daytime traffic might have caused them to leave. Two other birders were there this morning and when they got out of their car, even at a respectable distance, the birds were on high alert, shuffling farther back in the pond with heads raised. I feared they might fly, but the other birders got back in the car and left, so all birds remained and were there when I left. If they are still there, I suggest viewing from the car.
Thomas Wood, Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County####################
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