Date: 2/22/21 8:22 pm
From: Angela Calabrese <cbreseangela...>
Subject: [obol] OBA Board Statement Regarding Recent Events
Dear OBOL Community,

We, the Oregon Birding Association board, are very troubled by the events
that have taken place over the last 24 hours in response to our statement
regarding sexual assault and harassment in birding.

We find many of the messages sent both publicly and privately very
disturbing. We condemn any kind of bullying, hate speech, and abusive
language, and are taking actions against it. If you have received a private
message with bullying of any kind, we urge you to contact us using this
form You are also welcome to
forward them to me, and I will pass them onto the board.

At our board meeting in December, we began working on updating guidelines
and moderation policies for OBOL to create a more inclusive environment and
to prevent bullying. Recent events have made it very apparent that this is
something that needs to be done sooner rather than later, and we will be
working with the moderator to make sure our policies help create a
supportive and inclusive forum.

Due to the nature of our organization, policy changes must be discussed and
voted on by the whole board. This is a legal process and changes happen
slowly. Please bear with us as we work on this, as this is a volunteer job
for all of us. Please do not take our silence as support for this kind of
behavior. We want to present solid guidelines and want to get consensus for
any action we take from our entire board. We invite input from OBOL members
and will be releasing our updated guidelines soon.

We appreciate those who have spoken up. We are listening.

Angela Calabrese


Oregon Birding Association

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