Date: 2/22/21 5:09 pm
From: Daniel Getman <000002b3a133f539-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Ferruginous Hawk-Columbia
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With this sunny, warm day, I took a trip to see the reported Ferruginous Hawk.

Once I was on the road I realized that I had forgotten to bring my binoculars - how does that happen! But I still had my camera.

There were lots of red tails around, making it challenging to clearly identify the ferruginous - especially without binoculars - so I took photos of any hawk I saw!

After several slow drives up and down Sugar Grove Rd, the ferruginous flew somewhere from the northeast corner along the north side of the road and I was able to snap off several bursts of photos. I’ve posted about a dozen photos to provide slightly different views - not the best photos, but adequate to identify.

There were also kestrels, both male and female, hovering and hunting along Sugar Grove Rd and Rolling Hills Rd. One even chased a Red Tail away from where the kestrel was hunting - quite a size difference, but clearly the kestrel has the advantage with its manuevers.

There were lots of Red Tails and some may have been duplicates - I just labeled them as 1-7, based on when I observed them.

Then on the drive back to Kirksville up Hwy 63, I saw a Red-Shouldered Hawk, perched on a wire, that runs over the road. I stopped and got some photos. About a month ago, while driving up Hwy 63, I saw a Red-Shouldered Hawk perched on a wire that runs over the road. I’m pretty sure it was the same spot. It’s a couple miles (certainly less than 10 miles) north of the exit for Rocky Forks Lake Conservation Area.

Raptors are such beautiful birds - they each have their unique colors and characteristics - they always impress me. They’re what got me started with birds and bird photography about 12 years ago!

Dan Getman, Kirksville, northeast MO
But this report is from a trip to Columbia, MO.

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