Date: 2/22/21 4:55 pm
From: Laura Coatney via <lcoatney22...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Ed R. Levin County Park 2/21/21
Hi birders,
Yesterday Erin Fisher, Tricia Gardner, and I birded starting in the morning at Sandy Wool Lake then hiked to the Spring Valley Area in the early afternoon. It was a gorgeous day! Highlights around Sandy Wool Lake include a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER in an oak tree near the last parking lot past the dog park, groups of WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS and TREE SWALLOWS flying over the lake, and a BELTED KINGFISHER seen briefly flying to the other side of the lake. We also had fun listening to songs of PIED-BILLED GREBE in the cattails rimming the lake and the variety of entertaining calls and behavior from GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE.
The hike to Spring Valley was pleasant, running into fellow birders, John Hurley and Lisa Myers along the way. We heard and saw HUTTON'S VIREO, BROWN CREEPER, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH, and SPOTTED TOWHEE along the trail. 
At the Spring Valley area we headed towards the last parking lot across from the horse corral, where the continuing male ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRD had been previously found. We located it in the tree it was frequently returning to get a glimpse through our scopes at the tail feathers, which looked smooth and pointed, without a notched tip. Other birders directed us to another orange hummingbird in the parking lot north of the horse corrals in a eucalyptus tree. This one was all orange, but we didn't get a good look at the tail, so we couldn't confirm if it was an Allen's or Rufous.
Sandy Wool Lake Checklist: Valley Area Checklist:

Check out the SCVAS Self-Guided Field Trip I wrote to Sandy Wool Lake in Fall/Winter (good thru March) 
Bird On,
Laura CoatneyFremont 

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