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Subject: Re: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu....
I've enjoyed your posts and your enthusiasm. Have a great retirement.

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> Make sure you go to Presque Isle in Erie Pa on Mothers Day weekend.
> Migratory bird numbers can be incredible, especially if the previous few
> days have had southerly winds. Also a good spot for snowy owl and snow
> buntings in the winter.
> have fun,
> Tom Curtis
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> Hello, Oklahoma ~
> I'll be retiring from the Tulsa law firm at the end of March (2021), and
> as soon after that as I can arrange it, I'll be moving to Akron, OH, the
> city where I was born a long, long time ago---as were my sisters, parents,
> a few grandparents, and at least 1 great-grandparent!! More than a dozen of
> my first cousins live in and around Akron, including 3 generations (more
> than 30 people in all), all related to my dad's 2 sisters plus one of those
> sisters, my dear Aunt Margie, is still living!! and the 2nd generation of
> cousins (who are the ages of my children, if I had any) are all now married
> and having children of their own, so I anticipate a lot of fun and family
> gatherings with them all, something that's been sorely missing in my adult
> life for a long, long time. I've lived and worked in Tulsa for 21 years
> now, and have mostly loved it (except for the politics; so said the
> yellow-dog Democrat!) and I've always said that for as long as I live, I
> would choose to live in Tulsa forever. But now approaching advanced
> middle-to-old age, I yearn to live near my family where, if something's
> going on among the family and I don't show up, someone will come find me
> and make sure I'm okay.
> I love Tulsa and all the friends I've made here, and all the birds I've
> seen here and all over Oklahoma (including that Vermilion Flycatcher last
> seen in May, 2004), but I feel the need for another adventure for as long
> as I'm able and now's the time to start. Akron boasts the only national
> park in the whole state of Ohio, the Lake Erie shoreline just 45-50 miles
> to the north (near Cleveland), there's a zoo, international airports,
> universities, and all the cultural and entertainment opportunities I could
> ask for, and I eager to get to know my birth state where I haven't lived
> since I was 7. The variety of birds found there will be slightly different
> from those on the Great Plains, but that should be a good thing, right??
> Anyway, I just wanted to say good-bye before I leave.
> Good-bye before I leave ~
> Cyndie Browning
> <vermilion_flycatcher...>
> <<u...>&d=DwMFAg&c=qKdtBuuu6dQK9MsRUVJ2DPXW6oayO8fu4TfEHS8sGNk&r=WtcHdIgfPcd5duugjo56RvrWKXWbcpxsIgrqUhahxv0&m=vGW-GPu1EK7EN4uTwtgvq8TrD_dFOb-m2n55jz__Pwc&s=5QOHQRNm0M92kM7elynKze9rwkmzu-KyTHeuICzzcKg&e=>
> Tulsa, OK
> How do migrating birds know which one to follow?
> What if the lead bird just wants to be alone?
> -- Bill Bryson, "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir"
> (2006)

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