Date: 2/22/21 2:40 pm
From: Vicki DeLoach <vldeloach...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Sandhill cranes - Cherokee Co. GA
Harry stepped outside earlier today and thought he heard cranes - then
nothing. I stepped outside around 5:00pm and absolutely heard one long
trumpet! A few more steps and I heard a couple more calls. Ran to get
Harry who grabbed the binocs - but we could not spot them. They were
either high or few. It's sunny, cool and very windy - but it's been a NW
or west wind all day. Lots of vultures - both - in the wind.

Might as well mention we've had Purple finches daily for weeks, and have
been covered up with Pine siskins. Saw a pair of either BHNU's or
chickadees busy around our Brown-headed nuthatch box in the glare of the
sun as we scanned for cranes ... I'll check out all of our boxes tomorrow.
Cardinals already nesting up here.

All the best, Vicki

Vicki & Harry DeLoach
Bradshaw Farm/Cherokee Co.

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