Date: 2/22/21 2:21 pm
From: Jeanie Joppru <ajjoppru...>
Subject: Re: [mou-net] Lewis's Woodpecker?
Why are we discussing the legalities of this? If the landowner does not want you to come into his property, then DON’T! It’s really as simple as that. Just be sure to ask first.

Jeanie Joppru
Pennington County, MN

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> On Feb 22, 2021, at 2:32 PM, Charlene Nelson <birdnird57...> wrote:
> • •• Practice and promote respectful, enjoyable, and thoughtful birding as defined in this code
> 1. Respect and promote birds and their environment.
> (a) Support the conservation of birds and their habitats. Engage in and promote bird-friendly practices whenever possible, such as keeping cats and other domestic animals indoors or controlled, acting to prevent window strikes, maintaining safe feeding stations, landscaping with native plants, drinking shade-grown coffee, and advocating for conservation policies. Be mindful of any negative environmental impacts of your activities, including contributing to climate change. Reduce or offset such impacts as much as you are able.
> (b) Avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger. Be particularly cautious around active nests and nesting colonies, roosts, display sites, and feeding sites. Limit the use of recordings and other audio methods of attracting birds, particularly in heavily birded areas, for species that are rare in the area, and for species that are threatened or endangered. Always exercise caution and restraint when photographing, recording, or otherwise approaching birds.
> (c) Always minimize habitat disturbance. Consider the benefits of staying on trails, preserving snags, and similar practices. 2. Respect and promote the birding community and its individual members.
> (a) Be an exemplary ethical role model by following this Code and leading by example. Always bird and report with honesty and integrity.
> (b) Respect the interests, rights, and skill levels of fellow birders, as well as people participating in other outdoor activities. Freely share your knowledge and experience and be especially helpful to beginning birders.
> (c) Share bird observations freely, provided such reporting would not violate other sections of this Code, as birders, ornithologists, and conservationists derive considerable benefit from publicly available bird sightings.

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