Date: 2/22/21 2:18 pm
From: Cyndie Browning <gr8auntieokie...>
Subject: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu....
Hello, Oklahoma ~

I'll be retiring from the Tulsa law firm at the end of March (2021), and as
soon after that as I can arrange it, I'll be moving to Akron, OH, the city
where I was born a long, long time ago---as were my sisters, parents, a few
grandparents, and at least 1 great-grandparent!! More than a dozen of my
first cousins live in and around Akron, including 3 generations (more than
30 people in all), all related to my dad's 2 sisters plus one of those
sisters, my dear Aunt Margie, is still living!! and the 2nd generation of
cousins (who are the ages of my children, if I had any) are all now married
and having children of their own, so I anticipate a lot of fun and family
gatherings with them all, something that's been sorely missing in my adult
life for a long, long time. I've lived and worked in Tulsa for 21 years
now, and have mostly loved it (except for the politics; so said the
yellow-dog Democrat!) and I've always said that for as long as I live, I
would choose to live in Tulsa forever. But now approaching advanced
middle-to-old age, I yearn to live near my family where, if something's
going on among the family and I don't show up, someone will come find me
and make sure I'm okay.

I love Tulsa and all the friends I've made here, and all the birds I've
seen here and all over Oklahoma (including that Vermilion Flycatcher last
seen in May, 2004), but I feel the need for another adventure for as long
as I'm able and now's the time to start. Akron boasts the only national
park in the whole state of Ohio, the Lake Erie shoreline just 45-50 miles
to the north (near Cleveland), there's a zoo, international airports,
universities, and all the cultural and entertainment opportunities I could
ask for, and I eager to get to know my birth state where I haven't lived
since I was 7. The variety of birds found there will be slightly different
from those on the Great Plains, but that should be a good thing, right??
Anyway, I just wanted to say good-bye before I leave.

Good-bye before I leave ~

Cyndie Browning
Tulsa, OK

How do migrating birds know which one to follow?
What if the lead bird just wants to be alone?
-- Bill Bryson, "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir" (2006)

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