Date: 2/22/21 10:12 am
From: <badgerboy...>
Subject: Re: Whats the story with reporting Egyptian Goose?
Thanks for all the info from all who replied! I was curious about
Egyptian Geese in particular because they seem well adapted to
human-caused changes in the landscape, and one might expect them to be
increasing their range and numbers. I have some follow-up questions I
hope people can answer: (I would look these up online and not trouble
people if the data were not hidden)

1.  Are the bird(s) at Lake Julian pinioned? How many are known to be there?

2. Is its/their origin known?

3. What year was it/they first seen there?

4. Is there any indication of breeding?

5. Are they/it the only instance known in SC or NC of the species? If
not where else are they occurring?

Thanks much, Guy

Guy McGrane, Boone, NC

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