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Subject: [obol] Re: name change question Gray Jay
Hi -

I have seen rumors that a proposal to split "Canada Jay" is under development. I do not know the details of the research backing this, but "Gray Jays" have 3 sets of populations with ranges sort of comparable to the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker complex: A boreal one with a largely Canadian range, a Pacific Coastal one ("Oregon Jay"), and an interior western one ("Rocky Mountain Jay"). In Oregon, "Oregon Jays" inhabit the Coast Range and Cascades, and "Rocky Mountain Jays" the Wallowas and Blue Mountains. They differ in crown color (mostly white in "Rocky Mountain") and underparts color, among other things.

I suspect that

Wayne Hoffman

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Subject: [obol] Re: name change question Gray Jay

Canada Jay is a terrible renaming of Gray Jay. The species occurs as a permeant resident to central Arizona - not very far from Mexico, and it is after all - gray. I suspect that the name Canada Jay has an eastern bias, since there the range is very greatly Canadian.

That the Canadian government objected to the use of “Gray”, rather than the English Royal spelling “Grey”, is also offensive, since my Scottish sept supported the Stewarts, rather than the current Hanoverian pretenders.

BTW: 54:40 or fight. Wayne Weber - any comment on that… :-) ?

I will revert to “Oregon Jay”.

Jeff Gilligan

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Oregon Birders,
In response to Darrel’s question, no, there was no taxonomic split involved. The renaming of Gray Jay to Canada Jay was the long-delayed reversal of a name change 60 years ago-- a name change which, most ornithologists agree, should never have happened in the first place.
If anyone is interested, you can read the reasons for the name change, as they were proposed to the NACC (North American Checklist Committee) in 2018. The name change proposal is an 8-page document (with references) submitted by a team of several ornithologists led by Dan Strickland, who has done extensive research on Canada Jays, and is co-author of the detailed species account in the BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA series. The name change proposal goes into considerable detail and, at least to me, makes fascinating reading. The proposal was accepted by the NACC with only a single dissenting vote.
For the original proposal, have a look at pages 5-12 in the following document:
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Wayne Weber
Delta, BC, Canada
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Was the recent name change from Gray Jay to Canada Jay related to a split, or was it just a nomenclature issue?

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