Date: 2/22/21 1:29 am
From: Ron Louderback <ron.loud...>
Subject: [inland-NW-birders] Finches.
The bill of a Purple Finch is shorter and slightly curved. A Cassins’ is sharply triangular and larger. A House Finch is somewhere between the two. The Purple female has wide streaks on a white breast, A Cassins’ has fine streaks, and a house Finch has less distinct streaks on an off white breast. The Cassin’s and Purple have widely forked tails like a Goldfinch. House Finch has a narrower tail that is less forked. Cassin’s has a beautiful pink wash over breast with red crest and throat. It is also slightly larger. Purple has a red head and pale pink wash over most of its back and wings. House Finch has red, orange, or pumpkin yellow-orange on its head, throat and breast. Purple is more common on the coast. Cassin’s is more common in higher elevations like south eastern Oregon in summer. We saw large numbers near Burns. House is common in lower elevations east of Cascades.

Carole Louderback
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