Date: 2/20/21 12:17 pm
From: Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Yellow-breasted Chat, White-throated Sparrow in Montecito
Thanks for bringing this up Joan. A few weeks ago several of the Pine
Siskins at my Solvang feeder died because of salmonella. I also had an
American Goldfinch that seemed to be infected. Obviously I took my feeders
down as a result. I wonder how widespread this problem is in our county
this winter.


On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 6:15 PM Joan Lentz ( address) <
<joanlentz...> wrote:

> Hi All:
> I had the wintering Chat and a White-throated Sparrow ( been around a
> couple of days ) at my pond today.
> When I looked closely at the chat, I saw what appears to be some sort of
> disfiguration to its bill.
> This reminds me that I saw a disturbing post online about an outbreak of
> salmonella at feeders in the Central Coast area, in SF area, and in the
> Sierra Nevada. It seems that Pine Siskins are especially affected, but I
> don’t feed siskins so am thinking this may be more widespread.
> They’re suggesting we take down our seed feeders for awhile, clean them,
> and let this outbreak die down.
> List here:
> Very upsetting!
> Good birding!
> Joan Lentz

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