Date: 2/20/21 8:53 am
From: linda & bill franz <00000021c311e447-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Hermit Thrush - Cumberland County
I was surprised to see a Hermit Thrush in a line of cedartrees in the backyard of our suburban home. The bird actually jumped out from the middle of the tree to get closer atme.  I had an unobstructed view as it staredat me and fluttered its wings and lowered and raised its tail.  I was further surprised when it flew hoveringat the end of the cedar branches gleaning food just like a kinglet woulddo.  I smiled to watch thissoftball-sized bird gracefully flycatching. Later in the day I was rewarded with a second look.  This time it scampered on the ground doing thetypical thrush behavior of hopping, looking, and hopping againBill Franz / Newville
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