Date: 2/17/21 11:40 am
From: JFoulke <000000e096e748ef-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Bucks County Birders Feb 23 Mtg: Deer Impact in Bird Habitats
When walking through parks and forested areas In southeastern PA and New Jersey, we sometimes wonder if we are birding or "deering."  Many prime birding habitats look quite different than they did 20 or more years ago. As suburbia sprawls, deer are adapting to this man-made landscape, not always with beneficial results. Please join Bucks County Birders, co-sponsored with Bucks County Audubon,  on February 23 at 7pm for a Zoom presentation by Dr. Jay F. Kelly who will present his findings on the impact of deer and invasive species on forest under-stories.

 Since 2014, Dr. Kelly and his students studied more than 250 forests in northern NJ, documenting how forest under-stories have changed since the mid-20th century when deer and invasive plant populations were much lower. They also studied the effectiveness of different strategies for forest restoration and improving forest conditions over time, including deer exclosures, hunting programs, prescribed burning, and native plantings. This research equips local communities with information needed to understand these important issues and what can be done to address them.
Jay F. Kelly, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Raritan Valley Community College, where he teaches ecology, botany, zoology and environmental science. He holds a BA in Biology and a PhD in Ecology & Evolution from Rutgers University. His research interests are the biology and conservation of rare plant and animal species, coastal and forest ecology, plastic marine debris and designing and implementing land management practices that balance the needs of humans with other species in the landscape. Dr. Kelly develops community-based research projects and partnerships that benefit both his students and the communities they serve. He received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his research and service in 2010.
For a Zoom link, please email <bucksbirders...>  Hope you'll be joining us.
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