Date: 2/13/21 2:30 pm
From: Bradley Hacker <bradley.r.hacker...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Bullock's & Canon r5 mirrorless
This AM I fiddled around in the creek along the west side of Twin Lakes Golf Course in a desperate search to turn up something interesting. The only things of excitement were a female Bullock's Oriole and a few Chipping Sparrows (list). Later I went to Mentor Way tipus, but have nothing to report.

I have been using the latest Canon mirrorless camera "r5" for ~2 months and am starting to have an understanding of the pros and cons relative to the Canon 7d2. Here is a quick summary if you are considering buying the r5 or r6.
Pros: very sharp images, much lower noise (enabling higher ISO), faster frame rate, completely silent, electronic viewfinder that shows how the image will be exposed (so no guessing exposure compensation), an awesome ability to track birds in flight even against complex backgrounds, the option to shoot in crop-sensor or full-sensor mode, and the ability to do high-quality video.
Cons: expensive, eats batteries, electronic viewfinder that is not as sharp as an optical viewfinder, overheating if you do too much video, and an inability to focus on small birds against a busy background--even in crop mode and even using a 1.4X teleconverter.
The overheating has a lot of people riled up, but I don't do too much (so far), so I don't really care.
The inability to focus on small birds against a busy background (think passerine in a tree) DOES have me riled up. In fact, I am really irritated, and you can find other people who are too. Whether Canon can solve this problem with a firmware update remains to be seen. The bottom line is: if you are thinking of buying the r5 or the r6 I would be happy to tell you more; contact me off-list.
Here's an example of the still image quality.
Here's an example of the video(this is the first and only time I shot video).

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