Date: 2/12/21 7:05 am
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Subject: Re: Red-tailed Hawk Catching Dove - York County
This thread reminds me of the time I thought I myself was a Red Tailed Hawk's prey.  I was strolling in my woods one day and glanced to my left only to see one bearing down on me at high speed just 20 feet away with talons outstretched.  It peeled away to the left at the last moment  barely 10 feet from me just as the squirrel it was really after came frantically scrambling around the hickory tree I was standing next to. The squirrel was obviously more alert than me that time.  Was glad that day I'm not a squirrel or bunny rabbit!
Harry McGarrityBucks County
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Amazing to see red-tails giving chase. I watched two red-tails chase a squirrel round and round a large oak tree trunk. The squirrel managed to stay out of reach!

Ann C. Pettigrew, V.M.D.
York, PA

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> On Feb 11, 2021, at 8:17 PM, Dean Newhouse wrote:
> Drama at the feeders. This afternoon, we had a Red-tailed Hawk dive on the
> birds at and around our feeders. It flew by and then into the woods a
> distance of about 100 feet to our right, then looped around and came back,
> all the while navigating through the trees. As it passed by again, we
> could see it was chasing a Dove, which flew low into some shrubs. The hawk
> crashed in after the Dove and pounced! After sitting on it's catch a
> couple minutes, it flew off deeper into the woods. And then another
> Red-tail gave it chase. All the other birds returned to the feeders
> moments later. All this viewable from our dining room windows.
> This is the first time that I've seen a Red-tail chase a bird, although
> I've read that some Red-tails do chase birds like pigeons. At the feeders
> here, it's usually Cooper's Hawks and Sharpies that scatter the birds. The
> Red-tailed Hawks are always around, and this past summer one crashed in on
> a chipmunk under the feeders. Perhaps the extended snow cover is making it
> harder for them to find the rodents that I expect them to prefer.
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