Date: 2/10/21 3:18 pm
From: Barry E. Blust <barryblust...>
Subject: Chester County-Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Marsh Creek SP
There have been reports in recent days of Lesser Black-backed Gulls (LBBG)
at the park. A large number of gulls gather late each day as they return
from feeding/foraging throughout the day, many of them doing so at
LanChester Landfill. Just after 4:30 this afternoon I arrived at the park on
the west side to find much of the lake was now iced over and there were many
Ring-billed Gulls spread across the ice far from shore. I scanned through
them with my scope and found at least five LBBGs, all adult or near adult so
their very dark wings and mantle stood out from the RBGUs as did their
slightly larger size.

Ebird list with a couple of very poor, very distant photos at .

Barry E. Blust
21 Rabbit Run Lane
Glenmoore, PA
Upper Uwchlan Township, Chester County
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"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to
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