Date: 2/9/21 11:26 am
From: Robert Lindsay <thisisroblindsay...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] UCSB and Deveraux
Tuesday, 2/9, 8:00-11:00am

Walked around the campus Lagoon first. Not much. About 20 Lesser Scaup and a few Wigeon, Gadwall, and Bufflehead (and plenty of Ruddy Duck). There was a large group of Dowitcher feeding on the north shore. Tide was high so not much on the coast. ! Black Turnstone, two Greater Yellowlegs, a few Willet and some Pipits. There was a group of 5 Surf Scoter and another decent raft of Western Grebe offshore. The most interesting thing was 6 Say's Phoebe. This species seems especially abundant on the coast this winter. I see them nearly every time I'm out regardless of where. Has anyone else noticed this?

From there I walked across campus to Area K which was rich in waterfowl. There were two Cinnamon Teal, two Northern Pintail, and lots of the other common ducks. Could not find any Blue-winged Teal. Walked from there through the grassy field between the stadium and IV but it was empty. Checked the pond at Ancique (sp?) Oyo park but it had nothing except Mallards.

After that I checked both pull-outs at Deveraux. The habitat looked wonderful, several areas of standing water and lots of wet mudflat, but it had fewer birds than I have ever seen there. Two Great Blue Herons in the Eucalyptus on the west shore, one Great Egret, two Black-crowned Night Heron, one Coot, and 20 peeps far away (probably Least Sandpipers), but that was it. No ducks, geese, cormorant, or anything else. I found that a bit disturbing.

Sorry I couldn't report anything more interesting,
Rob Lindsay

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