Date: 2/6/21 2:47 pm
From: Robin and Daniel Zmoda <robinanddanielz...>
Subject: Northampton County WRS #482
County - Northampton

Date - 2-6-21

Observers- Dan Zmoda Robin Zmoda

Total time *actually surveying *(i.e. subtract lunch breaks)

Hours:Minutes- 3:00

Start time/End time 0900/1200

Miles on route 42.5

Harriers 0

Red-tails (age optional) 11Ad

Rough-legs- Light/Dark 0

Kestrels- M/F/ND- 0

TVs 20

BVs- 22

Red-shoulders – age if possible 0

Bald Eagles- Ad/Imm. 4/1

Sharp-shins, Cooper’s, Merlin, Peregrine

Other? (Gold. Eagle, If *Goshawk*, be prepared to back up ID with details)

Avg Temp.- 30-39 avg 34.5

Clear/Pt cloudy/Cloudy- clear st pt cloudy end

Wind - Light/medium/strong- light st med end

Avg Snow cover depth - 16 inches

other birds of note

1 unid small raptor

1 Snow Bunting

about 6 each Horned Lark, Bluebird and Cedar Waxwings

Many Lesser Black-backed Gulls at GCS landfill

Lowest count on redtails since this route started in 2006 when I had my
daughter as a driver on her learner's permit. We have had as many as 46.

Eagle count beat our high by two. Three of them were at the landfill.
They have become more common in the last ten years with multiples in the
last 5.

Vultures are up and down on this route, this year about in the middle.

It is possible the numbers are down just because we did not have all our
normal pull offs due to the plowed snow along the roads. Also our time was
30-45 minutes less than normal because of the lack of scanning time. This
was also one of our rare times we stayed at 4 species. We usually have at
least 5.

Now we have to wait a whole year to do it again. Good thing GBBC is next

Dan Zmoda

Pen Argyl
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