Date: 2/6/21 9:50 am
From: Michael Fialkovich <0000012b4af48ab0-dmarc-request...>
Subject: WRS--Allegheny
County -  AlleghenyDate -  2/6/2021Obs.-    Mike FialkovichSurvey time (subtract breaks) :  Hours: 2  Minutes-  18Start/End time:  8:50am / 11:08amMiles on route: 56 Avg Temp.-  27Clear/Pt cloudy/Cloudy-  ClearWind – Calm/Light/medium-  LightInches Snow cover-  1 Harriers (age/sex if poss.)-  0 Red-tails-  5 (4 adults, 1 imm.) Rough-legs- Light/Dark-  0 Kestrels- TOTAL (M/F/ND)-  0 TVs-  0BVs-  0 Red-shoulders – age if possible  0Bald Eagles- Ad/Imm.  0 Sharp-shins, Cooper’s, Merlin, Peregrine,  0 Gold. Eagle, Goshawk (documentation required!)  0 N. Shrike?  0

Comments - Been running this route since 2001. For nearly the first half of the route I didn't have any raptors. Struck out on Bald Eagle at the usual spot. Once I got to the open country near the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport and Imperial I started to find red-tails. After last year's great Red-shouldered count, I found none this year. Sunshine during the entire route but cold with a steady temperature of 27 degrees.

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