Date: 2/5/21 6:55 pm
From: Hugh Ranson <zonetail...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] N. Coast estuaries
How easy was the Streak-backed, and did you get good looks?

On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 05:47 PM, Nick Lethaby wrote: All,
For various reasons I have been up in N. county a lot the last week (today's reason was that I was chasing some of the rarities in SLO - saw three birds that would have been county birds in SBA .... grrrr). As a result, I have checked the SMRE 3 times and checked the SYRE today.
The SM (Santa Maria) RE blew out but is already blocked. It may blow out again as the water level is rising. I have had a pretty disappointing time with gulls there, with just a few Herring, a couple of GWGUs on one visit, and a Bonaparte's today. It seems the more interesting gulls prefer the beach by the carpark. There are lots of shorebirds still using the mudflats (although these are largely gone today) and ducks include a dozen Canvasbacks.
The SY (Santa Ynez) RE is tidal with some water left in the side ponds. There was a decent gull flock on the beach at the river mouth that included a couple of Herring and a Thayer's. There were 2 Greater Scaup off the parking lot and lots of Sanderling and BB Plovers on the flats. There are 4 Canvasbacks here as well.
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Nick Lethaby
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