Date: 2/5/21 4:55 pm
From: James Pike <jimpike444...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Waller Park Duck Hybrids
Hi Jamie,

That new hybrid duck is thoroughly cool. I've never seen one quite like
that before. I'm going to propose that it is a Mallard x Green-winged Teal.
Mallard genes are clearly dominant, but the bill is smaller, and not as
elegant as in the 'Brewer's.' One thing I note on male 'Brewer's' is that
they all seem to have broad, black undertail coverts, whereas this bird has
black seemingly confined to the central undertail coverts, as in
Green-winged (but not American Wigeon). Further, the retained juvenile
feathers on the lower scapulars and upper flanks very much remind me of
those still found on many young male Green-winged that have yet to complete
preformative molt. So, if a MALL x GWTE, this bird appears to have
inherited the molt-timing of the latter species.

thanks for sharing, Jim

On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 2:22 PM Jamie Chavez via <almiyi=
<> wrote:

> I had an interesting hybrid duck at Waller Park in Santa Maria a short
> time ago. There is a "Brewer's Duck" (Gadwall X Mallard hybrid) that has
> returned for its fourth winter, and there had been an American Wigeon X
> Mallard hybrid there also returning for its fourth winter, but the bird I
> saw today is a different hybrid altogether. This makes three different
> hybrids found in the front pond. I'm tentatively calling it an American
> Wigeon X Mallard but I am unconvinced because it looks different from the
> bird that had returned since 2017 (I did not see it today). These things
> are often tricky to ID but if you are up for the challenge I would be
> interested in opinions.
> Today's hybrids ("Brewer's" Duck and new hybrid):
> Earlier checklist with known American Wigeon X Mallard hybrid for
> comparison
> It is starting to feel like spring there. One sign I have witnessed over
> the years is the return of Lawrence's Goldfinch to the park. I found a M/F
> pair today and heard another singing.
> Jamie M. Chavez
> Santa Maria, CA
> --
> Jamie Chavez
> Santa Maria, CA

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