Date: 2/5/21 2:22 pm
From: Jamie Chavez via <almiyi...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Waller Park Duck Hybrids
I had an interesting hybrid duck at Waller Park in Santa Maria a short time ago. There is a "Brewer's Duck" (Gadwall X Mallard hybrid) that has returned for its fourth winter, and there had been an American Wigeon X Mallard hybrid there also returning for its fourth winter, but the bird I saw today is a different hybrid altogether. This makes three different hybrids found in the front pond. I'm tentatively calling it an American Wigeon X Mallard but I am unconvinced because it looks different from the bird that had returned since 2017 (I did not see it today). These things are often tricky to ID but if you are up for the challenge I would be interested in opinions.

Today's hybrids ("Brewer's" Duck and new hybrid):

Earlier checklist with known American Wigeon X Mallard hybrid for comparison

It is starting to feel like spring there. One sign I have witnessed over the years is the return of Lawrence's Goldfinch to the park. I found a M/F pair today and heard another singing.

Jamie M. Chavez
Santa Maria, CA

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