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I will commiserate Arlene.  In my text, I usually put SEVERAL graph breaks  after each, yet my note usually looks like it just came out of a sardine can. 

My (smarter than I) wife has suggested it's because I usually compose on WORD, just for ease, and when it translates over into the email mode it loses some commands.
I'm typing this directly on the email page.  Let's see if any graph breaks show up?
Jerry KruthPgh

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Just to explain — when my posts leave my computer they have paragraphs etc. in them.

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> Like others have said, I'm grateful to everyone who continues to post their sightings on this list.  PA's a big state, varying geographically and also in weather conditions. Here where I live halfway up  the eastern end of the state near the Delaware River I'm always glad  we don't get snow like they do in the Erie/Northwestern counties. But this time we got hammered. There's between 27 and 28 inches outside and, considering the weather that's coming, it will be a long time before bare ground once again appears. Concerning ebird, which I joined at its inception but to which I seldom post, for me its biggest plus are the daily state rare bird reports. Without them I wouldn't know how many Baltimore orioles are in southern parts of the state right now, where most evening grosbeaks and redpolls are showing up, or that's there a painted bunting at a private residence in Lancaster. As for the sparrows, well, today there are 8 different species here among too many juncos to count, one of which is an Oregon junco. Sparrows in order of abundance are white-throated, song, white-crowned, tree, fox, field, chipping, and Savannah. The most unusual species to show up in the middle of a 50-hr snow storm was a flock of 7 common grackles, one of which constantly fed hanging from a suet cage. Chickadee, titmice, white-breasted nuthatch, and goldfinch numbers are healthy. Downy, hairy, and red-bellied woodpecker activity is high. And raptorwise today a Cooper's, sharp-shinned, juvenile red-shouldered, and adult redtail hawk all appeared in the yard at times. Good birding to all.
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