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I'll add my 2c, that this list is a wonderful resource for sightings and other information about birds and birding in the Keystone State.
Thanks to all of you who post.  An email is a simple and comprehensive look at what others are experiencing.  I enjoy them and look forward to them.  If you don't like the topic or are bored, there's always "delete."

We'll miss your posts, Dave DeReamus.  Thanks for your time and effort, and to all the other good folks about who monitor and create those posts.

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Thanks, Deb, for this information.  PABIRDS >USED< to be the central location for bird reports in PA, but then the multiple numbers of Facebook pages and GroupMe groups started popping up all over on social media, which DE-centralized the information and defeated one of its main purposes.  I am not at all against these pages and groups, but I think it has caused a problem on WHERE to find pertinent information in ONE GENERAL spot.  And you can imagine how difficult it was getting trying to compile the RBA, which is just one of the many reasons that this week's update will be my last.  Off to shovel.

Thanks again and Good birding,
Dave DeReamus
Palmer Township, Northampton County, PA
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As an Admin for FB bird groups, we have almost 9000 subscribers on PA Birders alone.  This is not a site where you will get the same information as on PA Birds Listserve.

There is also PA Birds Photography and Art, an ID group and a Notable Sightings group.
The Notable Sightings group with almost 1000 members has this description:

"This group is a place to post information related to sightings of rare/unusual birds in Pennsylvania, and for discussions relating to notable bird sightings. It is NOT a place to share sightings or photographs of commonly occurring species, or a place to seek basic ID help. Please consider other groups for those purposes such as :
PA Birders
PA Birders - Photography
ID that PA Bird
Less experienced birders are welcome to join and learn, but please refrain from posting content not consistent with the guidelines.
Appropriate posts for this group include:
• Reports of notable (statewide or regionally) bird sightings or unseasonable species occurrences • Discussion of unusual records • Advanced ID questions, such as gulls, empids, etc., particularly for individuals that may be a rare species • Discussion of large-scale bird movements or weather events that may affect PA • Requests for info related to specific rarities, access instructions in restricted/private areas, and updates on a continuing rarity (keeping info for a specific bird in a single thread is preferred) • Priority conservation concern species in PA • Use best judgment for other topics that would be of interest to serious birders in the state Examples of INAPPROPRIATE Posts:
• Normal arrival of spring migrants at feeders, such as Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks • Sharing photos of common species • ID questions, except advanced discussions, as outlined above • Birds outside of PA (with the potential exception of something extremely rare in locations close to PA or an irruption that could lead to PA records) Please make sure all posts adhere to these guidelines. Posts that do not meet the above criteria will be deleted, and members who repeatedly disregard these criteria will be warned or removed from the group. Don't take it personally; we want this group to serve the needs of serious birders in Pennsylvania, and there are plenty of other groups to share photos.
All posts should include date and location, including county. If the specific location of a bird cannot be shared (e.g. private property where permission cannot be obtained), it is still acceptable to post about the sighting, but should include a note explaining why no location was given.
Photographs should always include text providing context about the sighting. Even for continuing rarities, date and location must be provided with posts or photographs, and consider keeping information for a specific bird on a single thread so that information is consolidated.
It is assumed that members of this group have advanced knowledge of birds, so ornithological terminology and banding codes are acceptable.
Generally, be nice. Be grateful to those who share information about sightings, and do not have unrealistic assumptions about property access or timeliness of posting. Accusatory or otherwise derogatory comments directed at group members will not be tolerated."

Whether you are a Facebook user  or not, this is where people are.


Deborah S. Grove

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A lot of folks post on eBird these days.  Are you familiar with that, Scott? Mi am assuming that might be happening.

Ann C. Pettigrew, V.M.D.
York, PA

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> On Feb 1, 2021, at 6:40 PM, Scott Kinzey <0000007977429723-dmarc-request...> wrote:
>     In Verona, Allegheny County I had ten House Finches on January 29.  Five males and five females.  This was a recent high count for my yard.  Usually I see two to four at a time.  They have been in the neighborhood for many years and you'd think by now there would be more.  The eye disease and other factors must keep their numbers down significantly compared to House Sparrows.  Or maybe they are more scattered also.    Is this list almost obselete?  Where is everyone posting their Pennsylvania Birds notes these days?  It is hard to keep up with all of the alternatives.
> Scott KinzeyAllegheny County
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