Date: 1/30/21 5:21 pm
From: John Deacon via <iseekbirds...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] North County Birding-Saturday
I birded several locations today hoping to find some "blown in" birds.  Pretty much standard fare though.  I birded Fairway and A, A Street Ponds, Black Road Flooded Pasture, Mud Lake and Santa Maria Mesa Road Ponds.  Of note were:
1.  A Street Pond levels were very high.  Standard birds here.  American White Pelicans are pretty regular there.  2.  Black Road Flooded Pasture-Nothing unusual but the field is nicely flooded with lots of ducks and a few sandpipers.  I'm guessing as the water level drops, sandpipers will make good use of this site.3.  Mud Lake-Levels were very high.  The water level in the main pond was about as high as I've ever seen it.  The adjacent 2 ponds were also pretty full.  The Canvasbacks that have been regulars there were absent today.  Lots of Ring Necked Ducks are the highlight.4.  Santa Maria Mesa Road Ponds-As usual, high numbers of Ring Necked Ducks.  Almost as many Buffleheads.  I found a Common Merganser in the southernmost pond that can be seen from the road but not accessed without entering Cambria Vineyards property.  They are converting some of the vineyards to row crops.  I saw several hundred blackbirds in the recently plowed field across from the middle pond.  I was able to pick out large numbers of Tricolored Blackbirds and a couple of Yellow Headed Blackbirds.  
Checklists and a few photos are here:
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John Deacon

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