Date: 1/13/21 7:36 pm
From: Toddy Guidry <guidrys...>
Subject: [labird] Palmetto Island CBC results
The 5th running of the Palmetto Island CBC was held January 5 2021. The
count circle is centered at Palmetto Island State Park in Vermilion Parish.

9 groups/areas, 29 individuals.

Pending minor adjustments, the count total this year was 154 species, a
little higher than the 5 year average of 151 and the 5 year total count is
now 185 species.

The count circle is in an unique area of Louisiana that is an intersection
of major terrain trends. The circle includes bottomland hardwoods from old
Vermilion/Mississippi River 'meanderings' , coastal prairies, agricultural
fields, 'urban' Abbeville down to the Cameron like industrial port of
Intracoastal City. Add to that a boat-access only area of freshwater marsh
south of Erath and Delcambre and a few private access, WRP and large refuge
like properties and its easy to see why the species counts can be so high.

As is typical, we don't get a lot of vagrant/bold-faced species, but we just
don't get many 'misses'.

However, the high species count is somewhat misleading this year, as the
overall quantities were significantly down, especially in the southern half
of the circle. Intracoastal City had 4-5 feet of water on the highway from
Hurricane Delta and it showed in lower numbers for waterfowl, shorebirds and
sparrows. Waterfowl numbers were 6500 compared to 30,000 last year! Total
sparrow numbers down 30% and except for killdeer, shorebirds were down 25%.
Interestingly, gulls were up significantly, especially in the northern part
of the circle. I think this is a function of being closer to the city dump
and having good coverage

New to the list: Prairie Warbler, Clay Colored Sparrow

Best of the rest: 15 species of waterfowl(albeit low totals), 15 birds of
prey, Purple Finch, Pine Siskin, Painted Bunting, Northern Waterthrush, B-W
Warbler, all expected woodland birds, 4 species of Hummingbirds

Worst misses: Glossy Ibis(again), Wilson's Warbler, Lincoln's Sparrow,
Rusty Blackbird, only 1400 geese compared to 20000 last year.

record high counts of note: Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks(2000), Neotropic
Cormorant(1353), DC Cormorant(509), anhinga(58), White Pelican(900),
Coot(1853), killdeer(1900), Western Sandpiper(153), Laughing, Herring and
Ring Billed Gulls(>4000), Forster's tern(281), Downy Woodpecker(47),
Vermilion Flycather(9),B-G Gnatcatcher(227), Goldfinch(197), Pine Siskin(10)

cool bird of the day: Mac and I found a creamy white leucistic BW teal in
the Intracoastal city area, photos available.

CBOTD#2 - Dave, Kyle, Bill and Chloe were watching a located eagle nest when
the male caught a fish in the Vermilion River and brought it up to the
female on the nest! Sha...

if anyone would like to see the entire workbook, feel free to email me
offlist, happy to send.

Toddy Guidry


Special thanks to the great birders who gave their day: Mac Myers, Angela
Trahan, Patti Holland, Dave Patton, Kyle Patton, Bill Vermilion, Chloe
Vermilion, Rob Dobbs, Andy Form, Judge Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Phillip
Wallace, Mark Shirley, Erik Johnson, Brad Price, David Booth, Dale Hamilton,
Chuck Battaglia, Marty Guidry, Sandra Dehart and Kathleen Wade.

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