Date: 1/13/21 5:46 pm
From: Valerie Burdette <sailorgirl978...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Townsend's warbler location: info & question
The AshThroated Flycatcher & Townsend's Warbler have been seen near the
Sagamore Recreation Area, off Savary Avenue by the Sagamore
Bridge.(Sagamore, Sagamore Beach, or Bourne? Maybe someone can clarify
town.) I've been asked to share info, and I also have a question.

The friendly homeowner at #27 Savary, Burt, asked me to pass on this
message: We birders are welcome to bird-watch from his driveway (left of
his house, with views into the backyard of #25, where the Townsend's had
been seen at least yesterday and today). I should note that I staked out
that spot late this afternoon with no luck, but others seem to have done
better earlier in the day. (Work hours...) Burt asked if I would leave a
note telling him what I saw (which I did), and asked me to pass this
request on to other birders. If you bring paper and pen, you can leave a
note about what you saw, on his porch and weighted down with something like
a brick, or tucked into his screen door. I did have great views of the
Ash-Throated Flycatcher, which flew in and landed 10 feet from me, then fed
in front of #25. It's always nice to meet homeowners and neighborhood
residents who are welcoming to birders and curious about what we're seeing.

Now, the question... I did walk down to #50 Savary, a location where the
Townsend's warbler was also reported, and it appeared that the suet feeder
which was there a couple days ago has been taken down. I also heard that
an older lady was unhappy with the birders (no details--that's all I
know). If anyone has any information to share about this, I'd appreciate
the info, as may head back down that way this weekend. Feel free to email
me if you don't want to post to all.

-Valerie Burdette
Bolton, MA

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