Date: 1/13/21 4:09 pm
From: Eve Meier <eve.m.meier...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] McClellan Ranch and McClellan Groundwater Recharge Pond
Hi Everyone,

This morning I visited McClellan Ranch starting with sitting near the bird
feeders for about 20 minutes. Only the suet feeder was full but I did see
a nice variety of birds including a *Downy Woodpecker*, my first of the
year. (

Next, I walked the nature trail that runs along the creek and continued
along Stevens Creek Trail to the group picnic area at Blackberry Farm, then
returned to the ranch using the paved Stevens Creek Trail. This is a good
location for *Brown Creepers, *I spotted several along the creek. And, the
woodpeckers were very busy today! I spotted a least 2 *Downy
Woodpeckers *along
the nature trail, 2 *Northern Flickers* (one had black malar stripes but I
didn't get a good look at its tail), several *Nutall's*, a surprising
3 *Red-breasted
Sapsuckers* and can't be missed *Acorn Woodpeckers*. Besides the
*Golden-crowned*, *White-crowned* and *Song Sparrows* spotted at the
feeder, I also found one Sooty *Fox Sparrow* near the fallen tree in the
small walnut orchard. A few *Red-tailed Hawk* were circling above, a *Cooper's
Hawk* was hunting in the parking lot, and a couple of *Red-shouldered Hawks*
were calling from the riparian area. (

After the McClellan Ranch area I decided to check out the McClellan
Groundwater Recharge Pond which is less than a mile down the road. I had
never been before. This is a nice little pond with a trail all around it
which provides really nice views of *Hooded Mergansers*, *Common Mergansers*,
*Buffleheads*, and a few *Ring-necked Ducks*. It's definitely worth the
stop if you are in the area. (

For more information on these locations, check out SCVAS's self-guided
McClellan Ranch SGFT
McClellan Groundwater Recharge Pond SGFT

Happy Birding!
Eve Meier (San Jose)

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