Date: 1/13/21 1:38 pm
From: Matthew Jung <mpjung5125...>
Subject: Re: Lake Hefner and Overholser
I birded both lakes today, yesterday, and day before yesterday. Saw and
photographed a pair of WW Scoters yesterday at Overholser and saw these
today ~1/4 mile south of the fishing pier. Lots of scaup & C-Goldeneye,
did not find the reported Black Scoters and did not look for the Mute Swan
below the dam.

Found the RN Grebe today north of the 2nd fishing pier as you drive toward
Lake Hefner north of the harbor. Looked for the LT Duck north of Stars &
Stripes Park and did not see it. Lots of Horned Grebe at Prairie Dog Point,
did not see any Eared Grebe this week. You will find several Common Loon,
yet to locate the reported Pacific Loon. I'm using binoculars only, no
scope (own two !).

Matt Jung, OKC

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 2:23 PM Doug Wood <DWood...> wrote:

> Hi All. If anyone birds Lakes Hefner and Overholser tomorrow or Friday,
> would you post your list? I'm thinking about heading up there Saturday if
> the scoters and red-necked grebe hang around. Thanks, Doug.
> Douglas R. Wood, Ph.D.
> Professor of Biological Sciences
> Southeastern Oklahoma State University
> <dwood...>
> 580.745.2272

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