Date: 1/13/21 1:30 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos/Curry Birds of Late
Starting south and working north.

In Brookings on the 9th of the COSTA'S HUMMER that Adrian Hinkle and Logan
Kahle found was still around. It is in the same location they found it on
22 Dec. I was there early and it was dark and shady at the location
without much happening. I wandered the neighborhoods nearby and found many
Anna's around. I then came back about 1130 and was getting ready to leave
when it popped up in the same location in front of 14684 Itzen near where
the salmonberry bush is.

One SAY'S PHOEBE and a NORTHERN MOCKER were then seen from Woodriff Lane in
Brookings also. I originally saw these birds from the entrance to McVay
Rock SP in Nov. Lately other birders are finding them more easily off
Woodriff Lane so I tried that and had luck. I know of eight overwintering
Say's Phoebes in Curry this winter (there could be double that).

On 31 Dec Kelli Van Norman and Jack Maynard found a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT at
Jerry's Flat east of Gold Beach. This is the same location the Vaux's
Swifts and A. Tree Sparrow were reported earlier in December by Mick
Bressler and W. Michaelis.

At Floras Lake, Curry on 7 Jan there were at least two LAPLAND LONGSPURS
with a pipit flock. The lake was flooded that day, I was able to get in
wearing chest waders. I bet it is really flooded today! One SAY'S PHOEBE
along Floras Lake Loop road also. At the Blue Silos there were bluebirds
but no Palm Warblers. I have not seen the Clay-colored that was nearby in
over a month but it could be around- putting seed down would help! Lotsa
sparrows on the way into Floras Lake to go through (versus almost no
sparrows at the lake).

I also saw the overwintering SAY'S PHOEBE at the Bandon airport on the 9th.
One of four in Coos this winter.The north jetty Bandon WANDERING TATTLER
was last reported on 7 Jan and was found on the CBC also. The first fall
male BULLOCK'S ORIOLE that Adrian Hinkle and Logan Kahle found on 23 Dec
was still around on CBC day- 2 Jan. It was coming to an apple tree on SE
June St. where overwintering orioles have been found twice before in recent

On 31 December Amy Price had two NASHVILLE WARBLERS at her suet feeder in
east Bandon (far from where the other Nashville was seen in Bandon earlier
in Nov-Dec). At least one has been coming to her feeder every day since
(through 1/12). She has good photos of one bird. The Nashville Warbler in
Myrtle Point was last seen on 6 Jan by Don and Robyn Henise. Sounds like it
wanders by their place every week or so.

The GLAUCOUS GULL that Howard Sands and Gary Shaffer found at the Beaver
Hill Dump (between Coos Bay and North Bend) on 31 Dec is still around- I
saw that today (1/13/2021).

The male BARROW'S GOLDENEYE continues in the Empire area of Coos Bay. I
also have seen up to 4 Pigeon Guillemots and a Long-tailed Duck in the same
area. Don and Robyn Henise had a single Red Phalarope there on 10 Jan too.

I think the Myrtle Point TREE SWALLOWS may still be around, Don and Robyn
last reported them on 4 Jan. The valley has since filled with water and
they could be anywhere. BARN SWALLOWS continued at the old Weyco Settling
pond site on 5 Jan when there were two- they had been seen off and on there
since 12 Dec. Yesterday Nicole Koeltzow saw 4 Barns on the south end of the
N Spit in the Snowy Plover nesting area. I saw a C YELLOWTHROAT along the
railroad tracks near the Winter Lake overlook just north of Coquille on 5
Jan- good for a count week bird for the CBC.

iIn the howling wind on N Spit Coos Bay old Weyco settling pond site
yesterday afternoon (1/12) there were two Red Phalaropes, I bet there are
many reports of them up and down the coast the next day or two. I could
only find one Redhead, there have been up to 3 out there lately.

Been a slow year for Palm Warblers on the south coast but Terry Wahl says
he stills sees 2 or 3 on the family ranch near Cape Blanco every day
(probably down from many more some years). None located lately in Coos.
Swamp Sparrows are tough to find this winter although I recently had one at
Millicoma Marsh. Northern Shrikes wintering at the mouth of Sixes River in
Curry and the old Weyco settling pond site on N Spit Coos Bay. Cinnamon
Teal overwintering in the usual spot in Coquille in the flooded field near
the high school.

Hopefully more to report in the near future- Happy 2021 all!
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

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