Date: 1/13/21 10:35 am
From: Marie P. Read <mpr5...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Common Redpolls flock on alders
This morning between about 9:15-10:00, I watched and video'd a flock of Common Redpolls (about 20) feeding in the tall line of (Speckled) Alder trees along Rt 366 just adjacent to the Cornell Orchards. I was actually scouting for waxwings, checking the various crabapple trees around the area and I was sitting in Cornell's A-Lot parking lot, when I noticed these little birds flitting around in the alders across the road.

They have since flown and I could not relocate them, but it's worth a heads-up to birders to check these trees and other redpoll natural foods, such as other alder species, birches, plus weedy areas of fields. There are still a few redpolls being seen occasionally in the fields along Mt Pleasant Rd but they are nowhere near as consistent as they were there 2 years ago.

I will post some video when I get the chance to process it.


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