Date: 1/13/21 10:13 am
From: David Bell <d...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] Rough-legged Hawk hotspot
I have created a new hotspot that is centered in the area where there
have been a large number of Rough-legged Hawk sitings along Ralphs
Ranch Road. This location is south of I-5 and is between Gorman and
Quail Lake.
If you are the owner of one of the checklists containing Rough-legged
Hawk, or any other checklist in this immediate area, we would
appreciate you changing the location of your list to this new hotspot:
"Ralphs Ranch Road".
Here is the link to the new hotspot:
I decided not to make this a "stakeout" hotspot at this point because
the Rough-legged Hawk has also been seen at the Quail Lake hotspot.
While on the subject of hotspots: if you would like to see any changes
to any hotspots in Los Angeles County please don't hesitate to email
me directly. I welcome requests to: 1) correct the names of hotspots;
2) correct the locations of hotspots; 3) merge with other hotspots; 4)
propose new hotspots; or 5) remove hotspots (i.e. revert them to
personal locations).

If you want to suggest a change to a hotspot, it is very helpful to
include the link to the hotspot in question in your email. You can do
this by clicking the name of the hotspot or exploring hotspots and
then copying the link.
David BellLa Canada, CA_._,_._,_

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