Date: 1/13/21 10:14 am
From: Janis Valdes <janis.lee.valdes...>
Subject: Re: TGP Owls
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So maybe reverse the story for the genders of these fine birds. I had it so
stuck in my head that the larger would be the female that even when seeing
what seemed like mating behavior, I thought it was something different. A
little knowledge is a dangerous thing, for sure.

Need to study the birds and the bees a bit more, I see...

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 8:40 AM Janis Valdes <janis.lee.valdes...>

> As a first-year birder, I have not always been successful spotting owls.
> Even hearing them can be a challenge (even with my hearing aids), but 2021
> seems to be a turning point. After the thrill of a New Year's Day snowy owl
> sighting, thanks to Diane Bricmont, and short-eared owls at Columbia Bottom
> CA (again, thanks to Diane - see why my luck is changing?), I've been
> consistently seeing a great horned female in Tower Grove Park for the past
> week and a half.
> Yesterday at dusk, I finally saw the male, too. After much calling (and I
> could NOT see where he was, though could tell he was getting closer and
> closer), he flew to a branch over my head (I could hear him!), and began
> bowing and continuing calling to the female. She preened her toes, she
> stretched her gorgeous wing back, she barked (though I wasn't sure it was
> she until I followed up with Sibley later). And then she flew to him,
> jumped on his back a couple of times, then flew off.
> He stayed put, I couldn't see where she went, the light faded, I didn't
> hear any more calling for some minutes, so I reluctantly left my first
> experience with GHOW flirtation.
> You know where I'll be every evening at dusk for the next few weeks...
> Janis

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