Date: 1/13/21 9:37 am
From: Kris via <grlbordr...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Pine Siskins - Salmonella Outbreak

Greetings Birders,
I'm sure you're aware, but I'm writing to let you know just in case, this is a "big year" for salmonella in (primarily) pine siskins. I found two dead in the picnic area of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (Moss Beach) this morning. I found a dead one in my yard last week and there are two in my yard right now with symptoms (puffed up, swollen eyes - almost let me catch them by hand within three inches...). I called Vector Control this morning to see if they wanted to test the carcasses, they said they only test for West Nile but they were well aware of the "big year" and the high mortality this season, which seems to have started in the northwest and is actively occurring in California right now. It seems to hit the pine siskins the hardest but it's transmitted to all feeder birds and they are aware of goldfinches taking hard hits as well as all other "little birds". I spoke to folks at PHS and they are also aware of the issue. 
Both Vector Control and PHS suggest shutting down feeders and water containers. 
As a newer bird enthusiast, it's heartbreaking to turn away the birds I've come to love and admire over the past couple of years, and part of me worries about where they'll find food and water, but experts have told me repeatedly - the best thing I can do *for the birds* is to shut it all down.

My best to you all,Kris

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