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Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Swamp Sparrow, Tropical Kingbird, and possible Eurasian GW Teal at San Francisquito/Geng Rd.

Thank you for your checklist of 64 photos of 27 species.  I liked especially that the photos were not overly cropped.  It was like I had bino views of each of the birds on a trip of my own.  Thank you.

Frank Vanslager

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Subject: [southbaybirds] Swamp Sparrow, Tropical Kingbird, and possible Eurasian GW Teal at San Francisquito/Geng Rd.

Hi birders!

I spent a leisurely day on the San Francisquito Creek Trail, `a la Adam Burnett's Self-Guided Field Trip. This was my first time here, and his entry was very helpful for knowing what to look for where-- specifically where to look for a lifer Swamp Sparrow.
At 11:55 am the SWAMP SPARROW was in the bayside marsh at 37.4611273, -122.1133399: 100m southeast of the "Swamp Sparrow Bush" (big green bush; failed to ID it). Sounds about where Brooke reported it on 1/10. I actually found Peter LaTourrette first, who was intent on the reeds in the area. I saw a suspect sparrow fly into a woody Aster, and after 10 min or so of waiting it emerged and perched on the taller reeds. Lifer! Brief bursts of cooperative posing on the reeds followed by longer stretches of sneaking around unseen in the plants. It was still there when I turned around at around 12:30.
Just before spotting the Swamp Sparrow, I noticed this male GREEN-WINGED TEAL with irregular plumage (photo attached). It only had a very faint shoulder crescent, and maybe a hint of horizontal stripe? Could this be a hybrid Eurasian x American or just an artifact of molt? I'm not so well-versed in the intricacies of duck molt and hybrids, and would appreciate any input!
I also spotted the continuing TROPICAL KINGBIRD near the Geng Rd. bathrooms at 8:35 am, and Audry Nicklin & Connor found it again across the channel. Other highlights include a dazzling color variety of SONG SPARROWS (some photographs in checklist), AMERICAN WIGEON and GREEN-WINGED TEAL courtship dances, lots of COMMON YELLOWTHROATS, and 24 WILSON'S SNIPE at once. I tried for the summer tanager (no luck) one last time before leaving, but got a FOX SPARROW and heard-only GREAT-HORNED OWL instead. Pretty good consolation! 
Checklist here. 
Happy Trails,
Dani ChristensenSouth San Jose

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