Date: 1/12/21 5:26 pm
From: Dave Nutter <nutter.dave...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] 2021 Basin First Records list is up
Hi All,

The 2021 Cayuga Basin First Records list is now on the Cayuga Bird Club website for viewing:
It’s easier to read with fully spelt-out Common Names. In addition to the list in chronological order there’s also a complete checklist in taxonomic order to see which species have or haven’t yet been found. Alongside that checklist are notes about what years rare species have been found in the Basin or if they have yet to be found here at all, what years they have been found in nearby counties. This feature also can show some trends, such as when Sandhill Cranes, Black Vultures, Fish Crows, or Common Ravens first started to show up in the Basin.

Again, please let me know of possible errors or additions. Thanks.

- - Dave Nutter

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