Date: 1/12/21 8:13 am
From: JOS GRZYBOWSKI <j_grzybowski...>
Subject: Re: Caracara in Atoka Co
Hello,     Yes, sorry for the post to okbirds, but have straightened this out.     Thanks for the "heads-ups".
CHEERS,          JOE Grzybowski
On Monday, January 11, 2021, 04:36:04 PM CST, JOS GRZYBOWSKI <j_grzybowski...> wrote:

Hi Mike,   Going through OBRC (Oklahoma Bird Records Committee) files, and this was an entry for 2018 left unfinished.
   Do you still have those photos, and could you provide them for the OBRC?
   Hope all is well.
CHEERS,                              JOE Grzybowski   
On Sunday, January 21, 2018, 04:39:58 PM CST, mike <m.b.ludewig...> wrote:

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Today about 1pm, my wife and I spotted a Crested Caracara west of McGee Creek Lake (which is about 3 miles north of Farris, OK which is about half way on an E-W line between Atoka and Antlers).  The bird was sitting in a tree near several circling vultures.  I’m assuming that there was carrion on the ground.  From the pictures I took from ~ 100 yds, I believe it was an immature bird.  Although my pictures aren’t great, they are good enough for an absolute identification of the bird.


Mike Ludewig

At Farris, OK


PS:  If you would like to see a picture, please reply and I will send you one.

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